Aloha Blue - Soft, fuzzy blue flowers on compact plants. Sweet in pots or the edge of a border.


Snow Crystals - Extra large white flowers cover this plant early in the season.Very sweet fragrance!


Flavors range from spicy to bitter, tangy to peppery.
Their sharp taste resembles saffron. Sprinkle them on soups, pasta or rice dishes, herb butters, and salads. Petals add a yellow tint to soups, spreads, and scrambled eggs. Only the petals are edible.


Pampus Plume - Soft, feather-like multi-colored plumes on 3-4 foot plants. Scarlet, orange, yellow, pink, and cream.


Queen Mix - Beautiful mix of cherry, rose, violet, and white 6-8" flower heads. Hummingbirds love them all summer long. Tall plants reaching 4-6' are deer resistant and heat and drought tolerant.


Kong Empire Mix - Extra huge leaves on well branched plants. Stunning in the garden or containers. Grows 18-24" tall.

Rainbow Formula Mix - Small plants, great for borders or containers. Mix includes the full spectrum from cream to deep scarlet. Pinch flowers to keep them compact.


Double Click Mix - Large, fully-double and semidouble blooms in shades of carmine, pink, and white make this a great cut flower and garden addition.

Sensation Mix - Classic, single petaled variety in shades of carmine, pink, and white. Grows to 48"-54" tall.


New Day Mix - Newer compact variety with a mix of larger flowers

Geranium, Scented

Citriodorum - Narrow petalled rose colored flowers top deeply lobed lemon or lime scented foliage.

Orange Fizz - Lovely foliage plant with thick textured leaves with a distinct orange scent. Dark pink flowers are a bonus!

Sweet Mimosa - Sweet, pale pink flowers over textured rose and lemon scented foliage.

Geranium, Zonal

Americana Dark Salmon - Large flower heads on neat, compact plants. Lovely dark green foliage contrast nicely with the salmon blossoms. Deadhead for continual bloom.

Americana Red - Defiitley a classic! Bright red flower heads adorn this compact plant all season. Perfect in containers and windowboxes.

Americana Rose Mega Splash - Pink flowers with a dark rose eye bloom all season long on these beautiful compact plants with dark green foliage.


Heavenly Blue (Morning Glory) - The classic morning glory! 4-5" bright sky-blue flowers on fast growing vines. Easy to grow!

Cardinal Climber - Lovely cut, palm like foliage becomes coverd in vivid crimson, trumpet-shaped flowers all summer. Hummingbirds love them! Climbs 10-15'.


Cobalt Blue - Small cobalt gem-like flowers on lacy foliage. Low-growing.


Bonanza Bee - Two inch wide double mahogany blooms with pale gold borders.

Bonanza Deep Orange - Solid dark orange marigold with excellent performance.

Bonanza Flame - Two inch double mahogany blooms, orange-rimmed and crested flowers.

Bonanza Mix - Mix of all the Bonanza types for those that can't choose just one!

Bonanza Yellow - Medium sized solid yellow marigold with excellent performance.

Starfire Mix - Cheerful mix of miniature blooms in shades of red, orange, and gold with many color variations and bicolors! Lovely ferny and fragrant foliage. Can grow to 30".

Strawberry Blonde - French Marigold with flowers in totally unique russet tones; bringing pink shades to the marigold colour palette for the very first time. Bushy, vigorous, and free-flowering.


Alaska - Green and white foliage with a variety of flower colors. Edible blooms have a lovely spice for salads.


Summer Jewel Mix - Winner of several AAS awards, this salvia will attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies to your garden! Shades of pink, red, and white abundant blooms cover plants from spring until frost.

Scarlet Runner Bean

Brilliant red blooms that are very tasty and can be
served as a garnish for soups, in salads.
Bean pods toughen as they age, so make use of young
pods as well as flowers.


Chimes Mix (Short) - Compact plants in a mix of lush colors. Flowers are edible.

Rocket (Tall) - A 2 1/2-3' tall plant packed with a colorful mix of blooms in bright gem tones. Flowers are edible.


Florenza - Unique color combinations and a mild chocolate scent. Plants grow 45-50".

Strawberry Lemonade - 4-5" blooms in shades of creamy yellow, lemon yellow, wine red, pink, and bicolors! Height 60-84"

Soraya - Yellow all-american selections winner, branching plants remain a manageable height.


Mexican Sunflower - Bushy plants produce dozens of daisy-like, 3" orange flowers. Can grow 4-6 ft tall and 2-3 ft wide so give it space. Attracts beneficial insects.


Benary's Giant - A must have for cut flower growers. Fully double flowers with ten popping colors in the mix. High yields!

Oklahoma Formula Mix - Double and semi-double blooms of bright colors with high yields and long shelf life.

Herb Starts


Elenora - Sweet genovese type basil with bulletproof disease resistance. Grown from seed.

Lemon - Brightly flavored heirloom variety with bright green, lemon scented, flat leaves and white flowers. Grown from seed.

Red Rubin - Deep purple sweet basil with strong downy mildew resistance and late season production. Grown from seed.

Thai - Attractive plant with unique anise-clove flavor – the finishing touch in many south asian recipes. Grown from seed.


Small daisy like flowers with lacy foliage. Strong sedative properties when made into tea. Use both flowers and leaves, fresh or dried.


An indispensable herb with mild onion flavor and beautiful pale purple edible flowers.

Garlic - Flat-leaf chive, use in place of garlic even before scapes arrive gorgeous white edible flowers


Santo - Standard flat cilantro variety with superb sweetness and resistance to bolting.


Hera - A great aromatic variety to use for fronds, seeds, and flowers.


Purple Coneflower - Perennial that attracts beneficial insects. Used medicinally to support the immune system and aid in seasonal transitions.

Fennel, Bronze

Fantastic, feathery, bronze foliage is delicious in salads and dressings.


Ellagance Purple - A winter hardy larger flowering lavender with healthy bushy plants. Flowers in the first year.


Chocolate - Attractive dark mint with an aromatic suggestion of chocolate great for drinks, baking, cooking, and drying.

Peppermint - Classic mint flavor and aroma. High oil content makes the leaves potent and useful! Dry or use fresh.

Spearmint - Spicy vibrant mint flavor and aroma. Best mint to use for fresh or dried teas. Great for headaches!


Greek - One of the most popular culinary herbs for greek and italian cooking. vigorous in hot weather!


Curled - Dark green extra curled parsley, disease resistant with healthy upright shape.

Flat - Flat leaf heirloom type
has very high yields and healthy upright plants.


Arp - Medium-high, open growth benefits from frequent pruning. Fragrant, thick gray-green leaves are dulled by a resinous coating. Winter hardy.


Common - A hardy garden variety for use in dressings, teas, sauces, marinades, salts, wreaths etc.

Pineapple - Great flavor for spice and tea, bright red
flowers late in season


Winter - Multitude of culinary and medicinal uses. excellent as a companion plant for basil.


French - Aromatic, licorice-flavored leaves most often used in salads, seasoning mixes, and vinegars. Grows 24-36" tall. Perennial.


Winter - Excellent culinary herb on an attractive upright plant. great for stocks and soups. adds texture to the herb garden.

Vegetable Starts


A tangy, tender addition to mesclun mixes. Excellent early production.


Red Ace - A standby early beet variety with excellent disease resistance, sweet flesh, and beautiful uniform shape.

Bok Choi

Black Summer - Green-stemmed full sized choi, slow to bolt, and delicious in the spring.


Gypsy - A rugged variety which produces excellent deep green even heads. Heat, cold, and poor soil tolerant.

Brussel Sprouts

Gustus - Gustus is early maturing with mid-green, firm buttons that are evenly spaced on the stalk. A high yielding sprout that grows 24″ tall.


Bravo (Green) - Beautiful blue-green mid-season variety with large uniform heads. Perfect for sauerkraut.

Ruby King (Red) - Midseason red with good flavor. Heads avg. 3 lb.and are a vibrant bright red. Good, slightly sweet and peppery flavor


Bishop - Adaptable early variety with dependable, uniform
white heads.


Celebration - A gorgeous chard with fantastic color! Plants produce thick red, yellow, rose, gold, and white stems that bear slightly savoyed leaves of burgundy and green. The colours are richest at full maturity, so give it some time to deliver the rainbow effect. The immature leaves are tender and excellent in salads, while the cooked mature leaves and stalks have a flavour that is milder than cooked spinach, and packed with nutrients.


Flash - Flash is a dark-green-leaved collard known for its vigor, high uniformity, and impressive yields. The 16-23 inch, smooth, broad-leaved plants are very slow to bolt, offering longer, more dependable harvests. An excellent cutting green with a mild, sweet flavor especially if exposed to a little frost. High in iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Rapid regrowth after harvest.


Marketmore 76 (Slicing) - A prolific producer, this long green slicing cuke has unsurpassed disease resistance and wonderful sweet flesh.

Max Pack (Pickling) - Huge yields of very uniform and attractive 4 1/2" picklers borne on vigorous vines. Small seed cavity (a nice feature for a pickling cucumber).


Rosa Bianca (Bicolor) - Beautiful Italian heirloom with striking pink and white stripes on large fruits.

Orient Express (Asian) - Long, slender fruits, with dark indigo skin. Good for both baking and stir-fry.

Nadia (Black) - The best black Italian-style hybrid for flavor and disease resistance. Can set fruit under cool conditions.

Ground Cherry

Husk Cherry - Flavor between a tomatillo and a pineapple with broad culinary application and a favorite with the kids.


Lacinato - Popular, dark green dinosaur type can be eaten cooked or raw.

Red Russian - Extra tender leaves have purple blush, can be grown for baby kale or full leaves for sauteing.

Winterbor - Extra hardy variety with attractive green curly leaves, frost hardy and resistant to bolting.


King Seig - Has dethroned King Richard as a more stable and disease resistant variety. Shanks are medium height, with wonderful thickness, and blue and green coloration in the leaves.


Cantarix (Red Oak Leaf) - Large heads with dark red, lightly savoyed leaves that
taper to a lime green center. 55 days.

Crispino (Iceberg) - Medium-size, glossy green, firm heads. Juicy and mild!
57 days.

DOV (Romaine) - Dark green, heavy, open plants that stay sweet in the heat! 76 days.

Greenstar (Green Leaf) - Gorgeous medium sized lofted heads are resistant to hot weather, tipburn, and downy mildew.

Kiribati (Green Oak Leaf) - Tightly pleated leaves with a buttery texture. Beautiful heads have excellent bolt tolerance.

Green Butterhead - Large, bright green heads that perform well spring, summer, and fall!

New Red Fire (Red Leaf) - A beautiful heat tolerant red leaf lettuce with vibrant lacy leaves. Red Fire Farm is named for this variety!

Skyphos (Red Butterhead) - Lovely, dark red heads fade to green. Great flavor and texture! 47 days.

Mesculin Mix - A delicious mix of our favorite hardy spring cutting lettuces

Mixed Packs - Broad assortment of hardy spring lettuce heads in all colors and types.


Pride of Wisconsin (Muskmelon) - Oval, 4-8 pound fruits have firm orange flesh. Plants are heavy producers. Old-fashioned muskmelon flavor. 90-100 days.

Orangeglo (Watermelon) - Crisp tender bright orange flesh is juicy and refreshing with a hint of the tropics! Striped oblong melons reach 10-15 pounds. Keep in the field a few days longer than
you'd think, they are sweetest when fully ripe!

Sugarbaby (Watermelon) - Fantastic small, 8-10 pound fruits. Almost black in color, ripe fruits have red flesh with tough rinds that resist cracking.


Millionaire - A prolific hybrid variety with nicely sized tender fruits. Pick to produce!


Alisa Craig (Sweet Yellow) - Famous early season sweet onions can grow to enormous size. Sweet and tender, raw or cooked.

Patterson (Yellow) - The longest storage onion you can find! Medium sized bulbs with golden yellow skin.

Cabernet (Red) - Deep red bulbs are medium sized. 4-6 month storage.

Pepper, Hot

Anaheim- Highlander - Early Anaheim. Semi-flattend, 7"x2" fruits. Large, tall plants.

Long Red Narrow Cayenne - Our favorite heirloom cayenne for drying, canning, and preserving. Nice bold spice with medium heat.

Carolina Reaper - Possibly the hottest pepper ever! Fiery red fruits with a little scythe shaped tail.

Chocolate Habanero - Chocolate- brown, lantern shaped, crunchy 2" fruits. Perfect for stire frys, salsas, and sauces.

Ghost/Bhut Jolokia - Legendary variety, one of the hottest, with readings in the 1,000,000 Scoville units! Thin-walled, wrinkled, pointed fruits are 2-3".

Early Jalapeno - Small plants set fruit earlier than any other jalapeno Fruits are small, deep green, and very spicy.

Fresno - The fresno is slightly hotter than a jalapeno, with thinner walls and a fruitier taste.

Poplano/Ancho - Moderately hot, medium sized, dark green peppers used for stuffed chile, in soups, and fresh or dried in many traditional Mexican dishes.

Habanero - Delicate wrinkled fruits ripen from dark green to salmon orange. Use fresh or dried.

Hungarian Hot Wax - The sweet, hot flavors of these 8" long yellow peppers is enjoyed pickled or fresh!

Pepper, Sweet

Padron - Small green peppers that originated in Spain. Most are mild but every now and then you get a hot one! Great sauteed with olive oil and salt! Also good for pickling. Heat increases if you harvest them red.

Ace - Green bell peppers are the earliest to ripen to red. Performs well in cool climates.

Golden Star (Yellow Bell) - Lime green fruits ripen first to yellow, then to a sunny orange. Slightly elongated bell shape.

Gilboa (Orange Bell) - Thick, juicy walls and fruity sweet flavor. Medium-large, very blocky fruits are easy to grow. Strong compact plants set plentiful fruit.

Carmen Italian Long Sweet - Exceptional sweet full flavor, bullhorn-shaped frying peppers. One of the earliest sweet varieties.

Aura - Golden yellow, 4"-5" tapered fruits with thick walls are sweet and fruity!

Glow - Bright orange, tapered fruits are 4"-5" long with thick walls.

Lunchbox Mix - A favorite at market these plants produce a bounty of small snacking sized, deliciously sweet and crunchy peppers. Orange, Red, and Yellow plants in the mix.

Chocolate Cake - Rich, reddish-brown fruits are thick walled and have great sweet flavor! Early with great yields.


Baby Pam - Early ripening hybrid pie pumpkins with 3-4lb fruit and nice thick walled flesh.

Howden - Howden set the standard for large jack-o'-lantern pumpkins. Big, well structured, with hard ridged skin.


Great, early leafy, sweet green! Eat fresh or cooked! High in vitamins and anti-oxidants. A very healthy choice!

Squash, Zucchini

Jackpot - Produces high yields of long, medium-dark green, lightly speckled fruits. Continuous production of firm 6½" fruits that are tender, mild and sweet.

Squash, Summer

Gentry - Crookneck variety with fruits that have butter-yellow smooth skin, mild sweet delicious flavor, and impressive production even under stress.

Squash, Winter

Delicata - Extremely sweet yellow and green striped fruits ripen readily in short seasons.

Table Queen Acorn - Prolific green acorn type will keep any root cellar full. Sweet yellow fleshed squash can last up to six months after harvest.

Waltham Butternut - A Massachusetts native with small seed cavities, long thick necks, and reliable size, the most widely grown butternut.


Verde / Green - Early ripening green fruit, sweet, nutty, tangy, for use in salsa, stir-fry and Mexican cooking

De Milpa / Purple - Small to medium-round fruits store fresh for several weeks, handy for fresh salsa. Portions of the fruits blush with purple, especially after harvest.

Tomato, Cherry

Black Cherry - Quarter sized blackish-pink fruits. Dynamic heirloom flavor with all the vigor of their hybrid breeding.

Honeydrop - Winner of our 2011 taste test. Bred by our friends at Crabapple Farm in Chesterfield. Has the outstanding taste of Sungold without any splitting and a beautiful yellow pink coloring.

Indigo Apple - The 2-4 oz fruits will start out green flushed with purple, but as it ripens the sun will eventually turn it almost black. Sweet flavor.

Indigo Cherry Drops - Beautiful heirloom appearance and hybrid disease resistance– Improved flavor and size from its predecesor Indigo Ruby. New indeterminate growth makes for more vigorous production!

Matt's Wild - Small currant sized smooth red tomatoes, with superior sweet flavor. Great for salsa and fresh eating.

Napa Rose - Very productive pink cherry with a sweet and rich flavor. Harvest the entire cluster for a pretty presentation!

Pink Princess Gene Pool - One of the sweetest pinks ever! Large and early for a cherry tomato, expect to start harvesting in early August.

Red Pearl - Tender, nearly seedless tomatoes with intermediate late blight resistance. The sizable fruits store well on the vine.

Sunrise Bumblebee - What a beauty! This round cherry is yellow with red stripes and a marbled pink interior. Plus, it has a delicious sweet and tangy flavor! 20-25 gm fruits. Indeterminate.

Sungold - Most popular of all cherries. Intense fruity flavor.
amazing flavor, gold color. Best fresh from the garden!

Supersweet 100 - Huge yields of multiple branched clusters. Our best red round bite-sized cherry. Great taste, late season production, and late blight resistance.

Tomato, Heirloom Paste

Amish Paste - Popular heirloom with big fat red horn fruits, few seeds and less juice make them perfect for canning. No need to stake them.

Federle - Productive plants with medium red horn fruits, taste is exceptional and flesh is perfect for salsa.

Tomato, Heirloom

Brandywine - Large reddish pink fruits on healthy potato-like vines. Extraordinarily popular for slicing, sandwiches, and fresh eating. Unbeatable flavor!

Cherokee Purple - Taste is compared in quality and depth of flavor to the Brandywine. Small plants produce dusky purple fruit with green shoulders and bright red flesh.

Chocolate Stripes - Large, indeterminate plants with a good yield of 3-4" mahogany fruits with dark, olive-green striping. Delicious, complex, rich, sweet, and earthy!

Dark Galaxy - These plantsbproduce 1-4 oz tomatoes that start off green with purple markings. As they ripen, they turn rusty red with shades of black with spots and flecks that evoke a night sky! Sweet!

Green Zebra - A medium-sized, vibrant yellow and green-striped salad tomato. Ideal for slicing fresh into salads.

Kellog's Breakfast - Large, orange beefsteak with outstanding flavor. Produces 1-2 pound, slightly flattened fruits on indeterminate plants. Sweet and tangy!

Lovely Lush - Such a lovely tomato! Rose colored with green stripes that turn gold. Meaty and rich! 4-6 oz fruits.

Paul Robeson - Distinctive full smokey flavor blackish brown skins, deep red flesh, and no thick core to contend with.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye - Dark wine colored tomato with sweet, rich flavor. Compact plants and medium sized fruit. Has out-tasted many dark tomato favorites including Cherokee Purple and Purple Russian!

Striped German - A showoff in the garden and on the table. huge yellow fruits with red stripes in and out, very sweet flavor.

Weavers Black Brandywine - This beauty combines the sweet tart flavor of the Pink Brandywine with the smokiness of a "black" tomato. A must try!

Weisnichts Ukrainian - A first prize winning tomato for us! A large pink heirloom with exceptional flavor. Medium to large, 8-18 oz. fruits.

Tomato, Hybrid

Big Beef - Another AAS winner! Classic full flavored tomato. Large 10-12 oz fruits are early for their size. Great disease resistance.

Chef's Choice Orange - Winner of an AAS award this past year, this is an impressive, bright orange, indeterminate orange beefsteak. Low in acid with delicious flavor and refined texture!

Defiant - Some of the best late blight resistance in our fields. A medium sized slicer retains great flavor long into the season.

Iron Lady - Strongest late blight resistance in its class. Plants produce tasty, standard-sized slicing fruits.

Jet Star - Produces prolific yields of crack free, clean fruit. Low acid tomato with strong indeterminate plant growth. Must add lemon juice when canning!

New Girl - Medium-sized early ripening
red slicer, with excellent disease resistance.

Tomato, Hybrid Paste

Plum Regal - Due to the increasing presence of late blight in our area and the popularity of home canning, we have substituted this productive, disease resistant plum type for the weaker Cour di Bue. Expect high yields of flavorful fruit for canning!

San Marzano - The classic high yielding paste tomato, our variety has blunt tips to aid in harvesting, and low seed content to make canning quick and easy.