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Red Fire North Produce

Certified-organic produce from Red Fire Farm is at the heart of what we do and provides the foundation for the healthy food choices we offer our customers! Our offerings are seasonal and supplemented with some global favorites like avocados, bananas, citrus and more.

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Spring Produce

Here's What To expect from Red Fire Farm this month

Updated 5/11/2022

All produce is organic unless marked otherwise.


  • Cilantro $2.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Curly & Flat Parsley $2.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Dried Rosemary $2.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Dried Thyme $2.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Sage $2.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Basil $3.50/bunch


  • Arugula (1/3 Lb Bags) $5.75/bag
  • Salad Mix (1/2 & 1/3 Lb Bags) $5.75/bag $7.75/bag
  • Braising Mix (1/2 & 1/3 Bags) $5.75/bag $7.75/bag
  • Spinach (1/2 & 1/3 Lb Bags) $5.75/bag $7.75/bag
  • Loose Beets - Red $3.25/Lb
  • Radish - Red & French Breakfast $4.25/bunch
  • Green Cabbage $3.75/Head
  • Red Cabbage $3.75/Head
  • Deadon Savoy Cabbage $3.75/Head
  • Orange Carrots $5.50/ 2lb Bag $3.25/Lb
  • Rainbow Carrots $5.50/ 2lb Bag $3.25/Lb
  • Purple Carrots $3.25/Lb (out of stock)
  • Collards $3.75/bunch (out of stock)
  • Rainbow Chard $3.75/bunch
  • Green Curly Kale $3.75/ bunch
  • Lacinato Kale $3.75/bunch
  • Red Russian Kale $3.75/bunch
  • Lettuce Varieties Small $3.00 Medium $3.50
  • Red & Yellow Onions $3.25/Lb
  • Chives and Garlic chives $2.00/each
  • Potato Varieties (Red) $1.50/Lb (out of stock)

Non Red Fire Farm Organic Produce


  • Celery $4.22/each (out of stock)
  • Ginger root $15.59/Lb
  • Green Bell Peppers $6.19/Lb


  • Bananas $1.89/Lb
  • Navel Oranges $1.59/each 3 for $4.00
  • Lemons $1.25/each 6 for $7
  • Bartlett Pears $1.59/each
  • Pine Hill Local Cortland Apples *nonorganic $1.55/Lb
  • Pine Hill Local Honeycrisp Apples *nonorganic $2.25/Lb
  • Red Delicicious Apples $1.59/each


  • Avocados $3.05/each
  • Tomatoes $5.05/Lb
  • Garlic $14.75/Lb

Red Fire North

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Summer Hours

Friday 12:00 to 6:00

Closed all other days

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