Give Away and Seed Arrivals

As the earth continues to tilt and daylight "returns" the selection of locally grown, winter stored vegetables dwindles. We are having a give-away on certain root vegetables today through Sunday. Have you tried a scarlet turnip or black radish? What about a rutabaga? Now is your chance to try them and some others for free! The nutrient content and overall quality also dwindle during storage, so if you're still not sure you like these vegetables after trying them this late in the season....... be patient ......wait a season, or two (depending on crop) and try them again once the bees are buzzing abundantly.

Much of our produce selection is delivered fresh on Fridays (timing varies), some winter stored crops like cabbage and carrots are still looking and tasting great! Plus the soil, water, air, and dappled light in the greenhouses is transforming into delicious late winter greens - lettuce, kales, collards, braising mix, and spinach are available most weeks.

Seeds from Ox and Robin have arrived!

Locally grown seeds are non-GMO pesticide/herbicide free.

Rare and heirloom varieties.

The grower of these seeds also does the watercolor/collage art featured on the packets.

Call the store if you have specific questions regarding product availability and we hope to see you soon!

Posted: to General News on Fri, Mar 6, 2020
Updated: Fri, Mar 6, 2020

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