Newsletter April 2019

Celebrating Spring at Red Fire North

Happy Spring! Warm days and warm hearts surround us at Red Fire North. First things first, we’ll be shifting our hours to get the most of the sunlight. New store hours starting April 29:

Monday - Saturday 10-7; Sunday open 10-6

In May starting with Mother’s day weekend, we’ll be open Saturday and Sunday at 8am-7pm to make sure you get what you need for a gorgeous garden as well as provide fresh baked treats in the morning. More updates on extended hours to come.

In other news, we are excited to offer a bread share through Red Fire Farm available to pick up at the store and a variety of other locations from Boston to Connecticut. Baked fresh daily on our stone lined oven, we use farm ingredients in our breads, organic flours and unique farm-based recipes. Check out what else the Red Fire Farm has to offer, making sure you get healthy, fresh food all season long.Parsnip Cupcakes

Spring crops are rolling in as we make our way closer to growing season, including all sorts of greens and specialty spring dug parsnips. Kept in the soil over the winter, these roots develop a particularly sweet taste after the starches convert to sugar during the freezing months. Roast them, mash them, make hash browns and even desserts. Here in the kitchen, we made delicious gluten free parsnip cupcakes. Yum!

Vegetable, Herb and Flower startersIn other news, we’ve got our spring flower & vegetable starter friends in, and even some blueberry bushes ready for planting. This is just the beginning of a luscious plant season where we offer all sorts of organic vegetable, flower, fruit and herb starters for all of your gardening needs. Don’t have a lot of space for planting? Hanging baskets are also available!

We look forward to a fruitful season with you. Supporting local ecology & economy is integral to the health of our people and the planet. Red Fire North is dedicated to sustaining our community—so thank you for supporting us in return!

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