It’s Maple Season!

Sweeten up your spring with an assortment of delicious maple products from Red Fire North

In the bakery at Red Fire North, we use local sweeteners from the bees and the trees! We are always celebrating the gift of the maple sap, but make sure to stop by to see the seasonally delicious products we have to offer including Maple:
  • Cream
  • Candy
  • Syrup
  • Drinks
  • Glazed nuts & Pastries
  • All sorts of baked goodies!

About Maple Sugaring…

Maple Syrup comes from the xylem of the Sugar Maple tree (Acer saccharinum) just as spring arrives, when the days warm up (into the 40s) and the nights stay cool (in the 20s) and the sap starts to flow. Native Americans have been collecting this sap for hundreds of years and colonial Americans have refined the sugaring process since.

There are a variety of ways to collect, transport and boil the sap which will result in different grades of syrup:

• Grade A Light Amber or Grade A Golden Color/Delicate Taste

• Grade A Medium Amber or Grade A Amber Color/Rich Taste

• Grade A Dark Amber or Grade A Dark Color/Robust Taste

• Grade B is now Grade A Very Dark Color/Strong Taste

A Grade has been said to be best for pancakes and B, made from sap extracted later in the season, great for baking.

Be careful not to buy artificially flavored syrup, which not only contains coloring and corn syrup, but lacks the health benefits of maple syrup as well. Maple sugar is high in minerals and antioxidants unlike other refined sugars.

Come enjoy all that RFN has to offer and celebrate the gifts of Spring. Happy Sugaring!

Posted: to General News on Mon, Mar 25, 2019
Updated: Mon, Mar 25, 2019

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