Artist of the Month: Mona Shiber

This month’s Artist of the Month is Mona Shiber! Her work is currently on display and for sale at RFN.

Mona is a multi-media artist working out of Clear Vision Studio in Easthampton, MA. Her work continues as mix-medium wall and sculptures installations, photo-paintings, prose, personal perennial kitchen gardens, color consults, curator, mentor and art facilitator -starting as early as the 1980’s. Art pieces have been shown through out the US and abroad, including India, with several permanent public installations on bike paths along greenways in Eastern Tennessee.

She is available for individual and group art classes, utilizing a variety of mediums, with a mindful meditative leaning from years of MBSR, while supporting your authenticity. 4-ART contact Mona : See more of Mona's art at

Consciousness and Open Awareness through the Act of Making

Prints, Planters, Cards & Totes

“When carving into clay, a door opens into the intangible, ephemeral. As each moment rises to meet the next, I shape symbols embodying lotuses, mudras, mandalas, altars, and vessels. Revealed to me are patterns of ancient stories, a perennial philosophy of timeless universal truths, conveying an evolution of consciousness - both within myself and the whole of humanity. 'Making' as a process of discovery, allows me to deepen my own authentic truth”.

These prints here at Red Fire North, originally found their voice as large and life-sized, ceramic wall reliefs.

Lotuses represent aspects of subtle energy, mapping out an inner landscape known as the chakra system.

Hand-building and carving the ceramic hands, hinted towards the meaning of my birth-name. An everyday tool, 'Hands' symbolize agency, communication, and an ability to facilitate healing. Ceramic planters are funky, seasonal wabi-sabi vessels, uniquely hand-built to hold a favorite flora for you or for gifting to a friend.

Mona will be hosting an Artist Meet & Greet Event at Red Fire North, Sunday October 22nd from 12pm-6pm. See you there!

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